Plan, Write, Edit

The 11-Plus can often feel like a minefield for parents who, with the greatest will in the world, can feel blindsided and alone. A knowledgeable teacher can be the first step in taking the blindfold off: we've been there already and we know the way. 

KidzInk Education's 11-Plus classes are clearly structured and taught. Every term, children are presented with four 11-Plus writing questions and lessons are taught using a three-step system: Plan, Write, Edit. The writing is done under exam conditions so the teacher, children and parents have a realistic idea of what they can write in the time given with written feedback and a percentage mark given for every piece of writing. Every editing lesson, based on children's work, a toolbox of literary devices and writers' tips and tricks are taught so children know where they went wrong and what their next steps are. In addition, children are given weekly vocabulary to learn that they are subsequently tested on at the end of each lesson.  

Creative writing is not the easiest subject to teach: it requires skill, creativity, talent, passion and literary knowledge. The temptation to have children memorise stories is strong, but at KidzInk Education, we believe that children will only fully benefit from becoming writers, not pretending to be them. At KidzInk Education, our mission is to create writers who write from the heart and imagination - not from memory. ​

Suitable for children in Y5 and 6 who are preparing for the creative writing element of the 11-Plus English exam.