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Expert online creative writing tuition for all children in Y3-8

KidzInk Creative Writing is a specialist online creative writing school with a particular interest in 11-Plus preparation. These lessons give children the chance to tackle 11-Plus-style questions by planning and writing under exam conditions before moving on to the editing process where the use of literary devices, advanced writing tips and story structure is taught to a high standard. 

It doesn't start and stop with the 11-Plus, however, because at KidzInk Creative Writing, we believe we have a duty to prepare children for the ultimate exam - life. Our General Creative Writing classes offer a safe space for young writers to find their voice, create worlds and characters, and equip themselves with a haul of literary devices that they can call upon when writing, speaking and reading.

Our first-of-its-kind Reading For Meaning class enables children to read a wide array of novels, analyse language and character, and explore their own thoughts and responses to stories and authors. Most importantly, these lessons encourage children to dedicate a slice of their day to words and literature.

A KidzInk child will know how to answer a wide range of fiction and non-fiction 11-Plus creative writing questions, plan a narrative, use the four elements of a story, manipulate a variety of literary devices, edit a piece of writing, and - most importantly - enjoy being the author of many untold stories. A KidzInk child is connected to their world through literature, words and creative settings - something that will stay with them long after their exams have ended.  

KidzInk Creative Writing is not just tuition, it's a community - a place where we write stories, read stories, create podcasts about stories and even publish stories ourselves. We believe lessons should be fun - enjoyment doesn't have to be the sacrifice for learning.

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